Baginskaya Gallery and Studio is one of Dubai's newest creative spaces, located in Jumeirah Lake Towers. Acting as both a studio and fine arts gallery, Baginskaya Gallery offers the general public a dynamic roster of engaging exhibitions of both emerging and established artists. Art lovers and collectors have a chance to see artworks by international artists, and the exhibitions are often enriched by talks and workshops.

ArtintheCity spoke to African artist Kofi Agorsor ahead of the opening of his solo exhibition 'Eternal Feeling' at Baginskaya Gallery and Studio on 12 September 2013.


Congratulations on your solo exhibition at Baginskaya Gallery and Studio. Your artworks have been exhibited all over the world - what does it mean to you to have a show here in Dubai?

Firstly, I want to thank the curator and director Katerina Baginskaya of the Baginskaya Gallery and Studio. Without her I wouldn’t have the opportunity to showcase my artwork on such a great platform in the U.A.E. Exhibiting here in Dubai for the first time makes me feel new and honoured. Expanding the geography of exhibitions is exciting and I am looking forward to showing my works to new audience. I know the tastes of African, European and American collectors, but I can only make guesses how my art will be received in Dubai. It is such a multi-national city where local and international artistic traditions are organically mixed. It will not be easy to please such a demanding audience, but I believe that the language of love is universal and my works will be understood in the UAE as well.


Your exhibition is titled ‘Eternal Feeling’. How would you describe the subject matter or the content of your work in this exhibition, and does it differ significantly from your previous collections?

The subject, ‘Eternal Feeling’ is about the relationship between a man and a woman taken in a broad context. This is an everlasting love story that unfolds in 20 paintings. The story can go on and on, it is eternal, so as love.

The content of the artwork on exhibit is an expansion on a theme that I began long ago. 'Eternal Feeling', that state of joy that can never leave you, a state of art which takes you into a realm and ushers you into freedom, a state of delight that removes all earthly limitations from you, a state where nothing binds you anymore; bodily, mentally and spiritually.


What do you find inspires your art in general, and how did this particular collection of works begin?

I am inspired by the beauty of the universe. I observe people, their behavior in different situations, their interaction with each other. Being also a musician, I see the romantic side of people’s lives.

The works, which will be displayed in Dubai, form part of a more general theme which I have been working on for a long time.Specifically for this exhibit I chose to capture the nuanced complexities that exist in a relationship between a man and a woman.


What mediums do you work with?

I work primarily with acrylic, oil and watercolor.


Is there a project that you are currently working on which you can tell us about?

I am completing my first series of wood sculpture pieces that I will be launching in 2014.

'Eternal Feeling' runs from 12 September - 29 October 2013.