Baginskaya Art Education

Hi! My name is Katerina Baginskaya. I am a gallerist, art educator, writer and blogger. In 2013 I founded Baginskaya Gallery and Studio with the aim to promote art in the UAE. To my great surprise, in spite of a large number of art galleries in the country, the general public was not always prepared to see, understand and appreciate contemporary art. I felt it was my mission to educate them, help them build the bridge between the art of the past and the present, show continuity of tradition or a break of it. Having gained the knowledge people are open to new discoveries in art and enriched spiritually. That's why my classes, lectures, and talks are free for everybody. Educational programmes and talks which I implemented a few years ago, were initially aimed at adults. However, soon I realised the importance of this initiative for children, who can, with the help of an art educator, develop critical thinking, observational, analytical, and communication skills and gain content knowledge. I got a degree in teaching from Moscow State Pedagogical University, I studied art history at the University of Oxford and completed courses in art education from the US and Russia. My career in arts started in 2004 when I joined the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was appointed to the Russian embassy in Abu Dhabi as a Chief of Protocol and Cultural Attaché. During the diplomatic service, I organized several cultural events. You can reach me on: +971 50 5562433 Instagram: baginskaya_art_education