Embroidery by Elisabeth Roulleau

It has been ages since I have written anything. Not that I was sitting idle and did not go anywhere. It is just nothing impressed me to the extent that I wanted to share with others. However, yesterday was a very unusual evening. I got to know an amazing person - Elisabeth Roulleau, a embroiderer from France who, apart from teaching embroidery, does unique Haute Couture items for such brands as Hermes, Dior, Chanel. Frankly speaking, before talking to Elisabeth and seeing her works with my own eyes, I was a bit sceptical whether embroidery could be taken seriously (well, forget for a moment about the items you see at artfairs). Here I am talking about delicate yet lavish designs that dazzle you with splendor; the patterns and colours that capture your imagination. It is truly an intricate art form! And what is even more fascinating, Elisabeth does not stop learning. She travels the world in search of new embroidery techniques that can be incorporates into her new works.    Elisabeth was in Dubai for few days to give a workshop, which I missed :( . However, I had a chance to meet the artist during the reception at Sofitel yesterday, organised by Alliance Francaise.  If I managed to intrigue you - have a look at her website - http://www.elisabethroulleau.com  

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