Kofi Gamamiwosror Agorsor. Eternal Feeling

Eternal Feeling, a solo exhibition of Ghanian artist Kofi Gamamiwosror Agorsor explores the artist’s witty observation on the relationship between men and a women and their behaviour within society. It includes twenty of his acrylic paintings of semi-abstract works full of romanticism where love is the dominant subject matter. The elongated figures with stylised heads and softly rounded bodies are humorous, yet lyrical. The artist’s creativity goes far beyond the usual boundaries and introduces his unique inner vision and perception of reality. Through colour and organic lines, Agorsor expresses his admiration of women, harmony in a relationship and unity of two souls. “Some people say I paint as a European or American interpreting African life. Some say my work is universal… I feel very universal”.

Source:  anotherafrica.net