Baseem Rayyes


at Baginskaya Gallery and Studio | January 30 – March 11, 2014


Dubai (December 30, 2013) – Baginskaya Gallery and Studio is presenting Baseem Rayyes: Mr. Y. For the first time the Syrian artist introduces his new character, Mr. Y., to general public. The series of paintings trace Mr.Y’s unique personality: his honesty, intelligence, curiosity, and sense of humour. Mr. Y. saved the artist from emotional isolation and now his goal is to spread love, hope, and happiness. As his name suggests, Mr. Y. was created to ask questions. He once belonged to the artist, but with every new painting the Master has less and less control over his character. For the artist it became scary, as he does not know anymore what the painting will look like when it is completed, but, on the other hand, it is an adventure that inspires and motivates him. Mr. Y has distinct views on subjects pertaining to economics, culture, politics, sociology, and sports. One of his most famous sayings: “I strive to improve the quality of life in the world and to increase the individual’s yearly income” Mr. Y will never seize to amaze you.

By looking at the paintings the viewers will be thrilled to decipher the message hidden in Mr. Y’s pose and objects around him. Someone might try to read the words that cover his body. The artist skillfully manipulates with colours, which might look scarce in a painting, however they fulfill their goal – make Mr. Y. the focal point of a work. Apart from Mr.Y’s series, the spectators will have a chance to see some of the artist’s earlier works made in different media.

The preview is on January 30 at 8.00pm at the presence of the artist. Rayyes’ exhibition will run until March 11, 2014.


About the Artist:

Baseem Rayyes was born in Syria in 1970. He is a self-taught artist who devoted all his time to arts. He is a member of the Fine Arts societies in Damascus and Sharjah. Apart from painting, Rayyes writes short stories for which he received numerous prizes, and writes and directs short films. He had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Damascus, Dubai, Sharjah, New York, Paris and Istanbul.


About Baginskaya Gallery and Studio:

Baginskaya Gallery and Studio is Dubai’s newest art venue, located in Jumeirah Lakes Towers. It combines two complementing services: a fine arts gallery and a photographic studio. The Gallery offers the general public a dynamic roster of engaging exhibitions of both emerging and established artists. Art lovers and collectors have a chance to see African art as well as art from other parts the world. The exhibitions are often enriched by talks and workshops.


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