Bassam and Maysoon - Don't Trust Your Eyes

Bassam Al Selawi and Maysoon Masalha: Don’t Trust Your Eyes

at Baginskaya Gallery and Studio | June 16 – August 17, 2014


Dubai (June 9, 2014) – Baginskaya Gallery and Studio in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Art Hub are presenting Bassam Al Selawi and Maysoon Masalha: Don’t Trust Your Eyes. The two artists work together to create their shadow sculptures, which are always intricate and misterious. The viewer cannot guess what shadow the sculpture will cast until the spotlight is on. Some sculptures are caligraphic and cite either the Koran or versus from poetry; others tell a story, often different from the one in the shadow, thus a hidden meaning appears. It is almost like reading a book between the lines: things seem obvious at first sight, but in reality it is not what you see.

The preview is on June 16 at 7.00 pm at the presence of the artists. The show will run until August 17, 2014.

Al Selawi and Masalha create their sculptures using cast resin, which, in their opinion, is ideas for such type of work. In daily life both artists use variety of media, but when it comes to creating shadow sculptures they prefer to work in tandem: it allows them to make an impartial judgement of each other’s suggestions; which eventually leads to a more harmoneous and balanced piece.   


About the Artists:

Bassam Al Selawi and Maysoon Masalha’s lives are intermingled not only in art, but also in life. Their passion for arts and sharing their knowledge with students brought them together. Each of them works on individual projects, experimenting with different media, yet they are very happy to create some works jointly.

Both artists were born in Jordan and graduated from Yarmook University, fine arts department. They spent years teaching art at United Nations Schools for Palestinian Refugees. It was very challenging, yet extremely rewarding. Masalha claims that it was the most important periods in her educational career, as she saw the positive impact art was making on the children and the society. She believes in the power of art to change the world for the better. 

Al Selawi and Masalha moved to Abu Dhabi in 2012 to join Abu Dhabi Art Hub. They fulfil different roles, from administration and teaching, and there is always time to create their own works.


About Baginskaya Gallery and Studio:

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