Nastya Yablokova - Once Upon a Time

NASTYA YABLOKOVA– “Once Upon a Time…”

at Baginskaya Gallery and Studio | March 29 – May 3, 2015

Dubai (March 20, 2015) – Baginskaya Gallery presents Nastya Yablokova in a solo exhibition ‘Once Upon a Time…’. The viewers are welcomed to explore the mysterious world of fairy tales with its unique dwellers, magic scenery and warm atmosphere. The artist invites us into her own realm, into her fantasies inspired by Russian and Arabian fairy tales.


The preview is on March 29 at 7 pm at the presence of the artist. The show will run until May 3, 2015.


Having read fairy tales as a child, Nastya Yablokova used to create her own stories. They were born in her mind and lived in her soul. Only recently she found the way to communicate them to the audience. This exhibition encompasses a vast range of themes: from magic birds to people with wings to enchanted forest, landscapes and city scapes. In spite of the visible simplicity of the theme, each artwork carries a message and titles help us understand them. In a Mysterious Forest there is a unicorn at the background who encourages us to think about choices we make: whether to step forward and meet the uncertainty or go back to the comfort zone. A mixed feeling of anxiety and fascination - unknown, full of mystery, it lures us in. A triptych titled Bird People: Dedicated to Those Who Are in Love speaks for itself, however, an attentive viewer will notice that the word ‘love’ is used in a broad sense: love for a person or art or any activity that gives us wings.


Yablokova has a series of paintings inspired by the local nature and culture. Having lived in the Arabian Peninsula for almost a decade, the artist keeps on finding new and unexpected themes. Her desert is alive, it dances and flirts with the viewers; it is full of mystery and power. The artist admires arabic architecture: Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi can often be seen on Yablokova’s canvases.


The artist experiments with different styles. Some works are influenced by 19th century romanticism (like the Bird Rukh and Mysterious Forest) others are purely decorative (like Birds of Heaven). There are some abstract paintings as well.


About the Artist:


Anastasia Yablokova is an emerging Russian artist, born in St Petersburg in 1976. She attended School of Design and studied history of art and culture at St.Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts. Yablokova has been painting from early childhood, but only in became a full time studio artist. She took private lessons from a professor, head of fine arts department of St. Peterburg University of Technology and Design and other renowned Russian artists. From 2009 she has been living in Dubai. The artist participated in a number of group exhibitions in the UAE.