Taron Simonian: Coloures of Life

TARON SIMONIAN: Colours of Life

at Baginskaya Gallery and Studio | December 12 – January 21, 2014


Dubai (November 14, 2013) – Baginskaya Gallery and Studio is presenting Taron Simonian: Colours of Life. The solo show of a leading Armenian artist traces his unique interpretation of the world, inspired by travels near and far, often spending extended periods immersed with locals, learning their customs, traditions and culture. In this exhibition, Simonian will showcase works inspired by his stay in Indonesia, Nepal, Russia, as well as the time spent with Masai in Tanzania. The preview is on December 12 at 8.00pm at the presence of the artist. Simonian’s show will run until January 21, 2014.

Simonian’s paintings are very dynamic; he always chooses to capture the movement, be it a dance, a fight of roosters or a landscape. All the objects in his works including the moon, trees, sand, and sea are alive. The effect of movement is achieved by his use of vibrant colours and his confident and well defined brushstrokes, which can at first be seen as random, but having a second look, the viewer will notice that the composition of each artwork is purposeful and has no random lines or objects. A lot of Simonian’s works seem abstract, however, a keen observer will notice the shapes of figures, trees, and other everyday objects. The titles serve as guidelines to decipher the works. If we try to define Simonian’s paintings by one word, it will probably be expressionistic.    


About the Artist:

Taron Simonian was born in Armenia 1979. He spent his childhood, school and university years in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Having graduated from the School of Arts and Academy of Arts, Simonian continued his education in Germany in the Art School of Design. Together with traditional exhibitions Taron is actively involved in creating his artworks at public together with local artists. Throughout his artistic career Taron made a number of performances with local artists in Tanzania, Nepal, and Bali. He spoke about his art at the University of Kyoto (Japan), Russian Museum in Yerevan (Armenia). He was featured in a number of leading Armenian TV channels, a lot of articles about his art were published both in Armenia and abroad.


About Baginskaya Gallery and Studio:

Baginskaya Gallery and Studio is Dubai’s newest art venue, located in Jumeirah Lakes Towers. It combines two complementing services: a fine arts gallery and a photographic studio. The Gallery offers the general public a dynamic roster of engaging exhibitions of both emerging and established artists. Art lovers and collectors have a chance to see African art as well as art from other parts the world. The exhibitions are often enriched by talks and workshops.


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