Wafa Khazendar - 13 May - 14 June

WAFA KHAZENDAR: Dreams vs Reality

at Baginskaya Gallery and Studio | May 13 – June 14, 2014

Dubai (April 22, 2014) – Baginskaya Gallery and Studio is presenting Wafa Khazendar: Dreams vs Reality. The solo show of a prominent Emirati artist explores a variety of topics that are rooted in her soul and mind: the relationship between a man and a woman, the woman’s role in this life and freedom of self-expression, shown through the prism of dreams. The preview is on May 13 at 7.00 pm at the presence of the artist. The show will run until June 14, 2014.

Khazendar often bases her paintings on her literary works that enhances the personal message the artist is trying to convey on the canvas. At the same time, she does not insist on a single interpretation of the subject-matter. On the contrary, the viewers are free to make their own conclusions. Khazendar’s works are very symbolic, which manifests itself in the inclusion of different creatures: roosters, cats, fish, horses, bulls into her works. To some her artworks are reminiscent of fairy tales; others search for clues to “read” her paintings. But no matter how the spectators interpret her works, noone stays indifferent.    

The artist has her own style of depicting the objects. Some may find similarity with cloisonnism since her forms are bold and flat and contoured by dark colour. Others would pay attention to her bright colours, so popular with fauves; Matisse’s influence can be seen in Khazendar’s works. However, similar to the artists of the past, she found her ways of telling a story through the expressive use of line and colour. The artist is not striving to create a three dimensional effect on her canvases, she deliberately rejects any perspective or planes. Her paintings are flat nevertheless full of life. Her intension is not to make the viewers believe that what is happening on the canvas is real. This is more like a dream, which one sees and finds weird but wants to come back to it again and again. There is subtle line between reality and dreams. The inclusion of calligraphy into the background is not random; this is one of the clues to interpretation of her works, as these are verses from her own poems.

About the Artist:

Wafa Khazendar was born in 1963. At an early age she started writing and drawing, both of which goes on until now. She is a winner of multiple art and literary awards. Apart from painting, she writes poetry and short stories. Khazendar is a member of the Emirati Female Writers' League, the Emirates Fine Arts Society, and Dubai International Art Centre. She participated in a large number of exhibitions both at home and abroad.