Wafa Khazendar - Gulf News 30 May 2014

Dreams Vs Reality

In her latest exhibition, “Dreams Vs Reality”, Emirati artist Wafa Khazendar shares her thoughts and dreams on topics such as the relationship between a man and a woman; a woman’s role in society; and the freedom of self-expression. The artist is also a poet and writer, and many of her paintings are based on her poems and short stories. Her bright palette and the bold outlines of the figures in her paintings express the intensity of her feelings. And she often uses the symbolism of creatures such as roosters, cats, fish, horses and bulls to convey her feelings about gender issues and male and female stereotypes in Middle Eastern society. Verses from her poems often appear in the background as calligraphic words, offering clues for the interpretation of the paintings. “I do not want my figures to look real. I deliberately avoid perspective and draw flat figures because my paintings dwell in a realm that is between reality and dreams,” the artist says.

“Dreams Vs Reality” will run at Baginskaya gallery until June 14.